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Always make sure to not store tent wet or damp. The growth of mildew can occur and cause HYDROLYSIS: a delamination of  waterproofing layers of floor, fly and canopy. When done camping, let tent completely air dry before storing.

If tent becomes soiled, set up tent and sponge soiled area with warm water and mild soap. Do not use detergent, bleach or any pre-soaking solutions. Wipe up excess moisture and allow to thoroughly dry.

Tent fabrics and waterproof coatings are damaged by ultraviolet light and will decrease the tear strength of fabric over time ( translation: prolonged exposure to the sun make fabrics brittle ).

Avoid setting up tent in area with sharp or protruding objects that may tear/puncture floor or other parts of tent.

High winds can damage a tent and its components. Staking out tent, rainfly and all guy-lines will help maintain the structural integrity of the tent.



The more compact and compressible the sleeping bag and air mattress, the better the OSS SYSTEM tm works.  Some sleeping bags and air mattresses are too bulky or too thick to work with the OSS SYSTEMtm.

  • We recommend the Therma-Rest Neo Air Mattress for the OSS SYSTEMtm.
  • We recommend down or synthetic mummy style sleeping bags.
  • We recommend the GOAL ZERO NOMAD Series Solar Panels for the OSS SYSTEMtm.


If packing up tent and sleeping bag(s) together and tent/ rainfly are wet, we have attached an internal dry storage sewn to the inside of Gear Storage to help keep sleeping bag(s) dry. Reach in Gear Storage while inside set up tent and pull out dry storage. Stuff sleeping bag(s) into dry storage and cinch. Proceed to breakdown rest of tent and stuff into Gear Storage accordingly.

Placing smooth, heavy rocks inside of tent in each corner and attaching outer foot portion guy-line to a rock can help to secure tent if ground too hard to stake out.

OSS customers have  noted they sometimes have additional room to pack extra items in the Gear Storage or its outside pocket.  A coat, head lantern, camping pants, first aid kits, compass, etc. are all items customers have used to complete their OSS system.  The outer pocket is designed to fit most portable Solar Panels so you can have power too.  You can truly have everything you need for a night, week or more in the outdoors.


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