About OSS

The OSSBAG by Outdoor Sleep Systems is simply the first self-storing tent system. All of our tents offer the Patented Gear Storage. It’s a revolutionary concept that lets you combine everything you need for a night, a week or more of sleeping in the outdoors.
When camping, the Gear Storage is accessible from inside the tent to help you organize your gear. When time comes to pack up, the tent self stores easily or the Gear Storage is designed large enough to accommodate/integrate sleeping bag(s), air mattress(s) and more. No longer packing it all separately, forgetting anything or searching everywhere to find your gear. Just grab your OSSBAG system and go.

It’s your “Base Camp in a BagTM

Ideal for All types of Camping and Backpacking, Motorcycle touring, ATV, Boating and Emergency Preparedness.

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