Devin Western Story

Sometimes things happen when you are trying to achieve your dreams. Something or someone comes along during a crossroads in your attempt to get there and provides inspiration. This is a true story about a man we met who did a solo trip of a lifetime. Please visit his website at for great pictures and insight into a man, his bicycle and a 2 year 20,000 mile journey

Name: Devin Western

Born and Raised: San Diego, CA

Education: Graduated w/ degree in Bio-Chemistry 2009

Interests: Surfing, Mountain Biking, Sailing, Brewing Beer

Trip Details: Ride his bike from Alaska to Argentina

Website:  Pedal The Unknown

“My bicycle trip is a symbol for responsible transportation. I frequently speak to people curious about my trip and they are stunned to hear how far I have traveled on my bike. My transcontinental journey furthers the idea of how realistic a bicycle can be as a mode of travel”

OSS_LogoO.S.S. is privileged to have Devin use our first generation F2 tent system. Devin has been camping and living in our tent for over a year while on his journey. Devin’s blunt critique and honest feedback on things to improve has been invaluable to our evolution. Every weakness our product had was exposed and from that came opportunity to learn, to grow, to work harder, to improve and be better than ever before. Our passion is to make quality outdoor gear that inspires you. We are proud to be offering our 3rd generation tent and sleeping bag systems coming soon. Our thanks to Devin Western for the inspiration he provided us and to so many others. Above are some pictures from his epic journey.

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